Faith and Trust

Faith and Trust…. two words that can really suck if you’re not ready to hear them! Sometimes, those words can almost make you mad! When someone says “just have Faith and Trust that everything will work out”, does it ever just irritate you? Be honest!

Until you can settle into how those words actually FEEL, they can be frustrating.  You may  be thinking “you have NO idea what I have been through”, “of course YOU would say have faith and trust, YOU have….fill in the blank (plenty of money, or the perfect job, or a good husband, or easy kids, or you don’t have to work)”, or “you don’t know how hard my life is.”

Does any of that sound familiar?

So how do we get past the feelings of desperation, feeling like life is hard, feeling like no one else gets it?

  • First, you have to decide you want to change those feelings.
  • Second , you have to decide to take responsibility for where you are now.  (yes circumstances beyond your control may have gotten you here, but if you decide to take responsibility for where you are right now, you’ll have the upper hand.)  This step is just basically recognizing where you are and that you’re ready to change it.
  • Third, forgive whoever you are blaming for why things are “so bad” (this isn’t saying that what they did is ok, it’s simply deciding that you no longer want to waste energy holding on to remembering what they did to you.  Forgiveness is all about freeing yourself.)
  • Next have gratitude for the things in your life that are good!   The more you can focus on the good the better things will get.
  • Remember that God loves you and wants good things for you.  When you operate from this place of knowing, faith and trust gets a little easier.
  • Last decide that you will think differently moving forward.

Faith simply means having confidence in something.  Trust means having confident expectations.  So in order to feel those feelings you may have to change the way you think about things.  Sometimes negative thinking is just a bad habit….You just need to break the habit.  Next time you start thinking that things aren’t going well, instead of allowing yourself to fall into the trap of negative thinking, decide instead to think about the good things.  Refocus. Realize that even if the situation sucks…overall things really aren’t so bad.

Practice feeling faith and trust.

Once you know how it feels to be IN faith and trust, go there as often as you can.  It feels: safe, peaceful, comforting, warm, home, encouraging, strong, healthy, love, confident.  Take a few minutes each day to feel those secure feelings.  And then if things get overwhelming retreat to somewhere private (if you have to go find a bathroom and lock the door!) and take a few minutes to breath and remember the things that are good.  Start thinking of things you are grateful for…bask in those feelings for awhile and then reset and be ready to face the situation working from a place of faith and trust.

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Compliments and Blessings

Have you seen the picture of Jesus with a BIG Teddy Bear behind his back and asking the little girl to trade for her little tiny teddy bear?  I donned on me today how real that scenario really is and how we block our abundance and joy in other was as well….Like accepting compliments and blessings….

How are you at taking a compliment?  

I used to always deny compliments…..someone would say “oh I love that top!” and I would downgrade it and say ” oh, yeah it’s nothing fancy…I probably got it at Walmart.”  Or jewelry..(oh how I LOVE sparkle LOL)… someone might say “That ring is beautiful” and I would respond with “Oh it’s not real.”  It was like I rejected any compliment that I was given.

I realize now that we sometimes do that with blessings as well.  We pray and ask God to bless us with something (enough money for a vehicle that is reliable, a new friend, a new job, or just to feel more love) and God sends it (your mom offers to loan you the down pmt for a new vehicle, you meet someone in the grocery store line, an acquaintance mentions their company is hiring, your kids want to snuggle on the couch) and you reject it without knowing it (turning down the loan because you couldn’t possibly borrow from your family, not following up with the person you met in the store, thinking you aren’t qualified for that job so why bother to apply, and you just have to clean the house, the kids will have to snuggle later.)

Do you accept blessings?

I understand ALL of the scenarios I’ve listed because I’ve been there!  We don’t realize that God and His Angels are here just waiting to help us.  And the way our society has ingrained in us what we SHOULD do….you should have your own money, you should have the correct qualifications for the job, you should keep a perfectly clean house… you should you should you should…. right??

Are you blocking joy and abundance

by not accepting compliments and blessings?

I encourage you to really be aware of things and start following your gut instinct.  Our head will talk us out of many amazing things if we let it.  Take the wanting a new friend for example…. You meet her in the line at the grocery store and you think “wow, she would be fun to have coffee with and visit longer” you could just say “you know I’d love to grab a coffee sometime could I get your number?” She may be the friend you’ve been praying for….BUT if you listen to your head it might sound something like this “Oh my goodness she will think I am crazy if I ask her to go to coffee… I don’t want her to think I’m being forward….She probably doesn’t have time anyway….” and the limiting (blocking) thinking could go on and on.

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look up Matthew 7:7, Psalm 37:4, Isaiah 30:19

What is your Why?

Most “motivational” speakers will tell you to figure out your “Why” when you are doing something….this is even the trend in network marketing/direct sales DSCN5621companies/etc….”Why” are you putting yourself out there? “Why” are you motivated to do this work? Why? They say if you know your “Why” you’ll keep motivated and stay on track and not give up so easily…. well What is your Why??

Most generally people will say that their why is to provide more money for their family income, to fund vacations, to start a college fund for their kids, or to get money for a new car.  All of these are completely valid reasons!  On some occasions though, you’ll run across someone whose why is a burning desire to make something different…..

My “Why” is: 

I have lived with insecurity, anxiety and stress (bordering on depression sometimes) and knowing what it feels like to be afraid that nothing is ever good enough, or not having enough money, or simply no matter how hard I try I’m not good enough……. these self defeating thoughts have been a real part of my life.  I really believed that it was my reality and that I was limited in what I could do based on circumstances surrounding how I was raised or where I lived or just simply that those big dreams only happened for other people.  Of course as kids we all hear “you can do anything you want to if you put your mind to it”….. and  then we put an “IF” to that statement…. you can do anything you want IF you have enough money, IF you get lucky, IF only……

What I’m here to share with you is that ALL of those “reasons” were actually just self defeating thoughts, negative thinking, negative self talk, limiting beliefs…call it whatever you want…….It all comes down to thoughts.

My “why” is because I want everyone to know that when you really get honest with yourself and learn to love who you are, in the circumstances you are in, and exactly as you are…. that is when real change can happen.  Once you are completely honest with yourself and once you’re really ready to make something happen, you can do it.  It may not be easy, and it takes some soul searching and some work to change your thought habits, but making those changes is SOOO worth it.

L&J (54)Deep down we all have insecurities.  I want to help you learn how to get past the insecurities, negative self talk and limiting beliefs so that you can live life to your full potential.

What a relief! right?  We don’t have to be perfect!  And we can take steps to make positive changes in our life at any moment!

My “why” is because I want everyone to feel the level of peace that I now know. I used to live in that place of anxiety, and nothing is ever good enough, and I can’t afford it….All it takes is a shift in your thinking, and then the shifts in your circumstances will follow.  Every little “ah-ha” moment is a shift, and as you get more and more ah-ha moments your life can change!

I’ve walked this path… I know…. I know as you read this you may even be thinking “well yeah that’s easy for her to say”…. if that is you then you’re probably not ready to make changes…. but if you’re thinking “well if she can do it, maybe I can too” then you’re ready!  Be bold! Take action!  Start learning how to change your thinking and be brave enough to follow your burning desire to make something different!

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Step Into Your Brilliance

Step into your brilliance in 2015!

How many of you are making New Year’s Resolutions and want to really make 2015 a powerful year?

I keep seeing advertisements and posts/tweets/etc. saying “A New Year, A New You”  Why do you have to be a New You?  You are already amazing!  You just need to claim it and step into your personal power!

I have a challenge for you about the mentality of “a New Year a New You”…

What if we adjust that idea to be “A New Year and the Best YOU!” You don’t have to be a whole new person for things to be amazing…It’s more important to realize who you are in your core and just how valuable you really are!  Keep all of the valuable things that you already know and ADD to it.  Allow yourself to simply let go of anything that is holding you back, instead of completely starting over!


Stepping into your brilliance is actually standing in your personal power and claiming who you really are!  Set aside what others think you “should” do and instead following your own gut and taking a leap of faith to actually follow your dreams!

I encourage you to step into YOUR brilliance as we move into 2015!

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I can’t afford it…

Recently Laura Cruz and I interviewed Amy Devi Harris (who will be a speaker with us at the Unleashing Success Conference) about a blog post she wrote a few months back.  Her blog post was entitled “I can’t afford it“.  This post spoke to me because I hear that phrase from so many people…

and in the past, I used to also say that… a lot……..

This line in her post really got to me:

“When you say “I can’t afford it” what you are really saying is I’m unable to accomplish it. I can’t afford it is limiting your realm of possibility, and limiting what you think you are capable of.”

But what I realized as I read this, is that generally the clients that I work with for Life Coaching have the limiting belief, not that they aren’t willing or capable, or that they don’t want to step out of their comfort zone, but more that they don’t feel like they are worth it.  Maybe it is because that is where I started my journey from, or maybe it’s just because many people don’t feel like they deserve …fill in the blank….  I  lived for years thinking that I was less than, and that everyone else’s needs were more important that mine.

Years ago in a group bible study that I went to at a friends house, I remember feeling worn out and exhausted from all of the demands of being a mother and house keeper and wife and maid and cook and nurse and taxi and the list goes on….right? How many women can relate to this??  One night she said something that was like an “ah-ha” moment for me. She said:  You need to take care of yourself…….?????? What?? You mean we’re allowed to take care of ourself?  I thought we were supposed to take care of everyone else?  Then she went on to give me an analogy… A mother lion always feeds herself first because if she isn’t strong and healthy then she would not be able to protect and care for her cubs.

WOW!  That totally made sense to me.

Now as women it isn’t as much about feeding ourselves with a big hunk of meat…but it is about feeding ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually.  It is important for us women to have other women to support us and connect with us and basically have our back!

I love that this covers all of the things that are important to me……Self care, empowering women and supporting each other, which is exactly why Laura and I created Unleashing Success in the first place!

I hope you’ll watch the video and then join me on facebook to discuss your thoughts/feeling/emotions that come up for you when you think about if you can afford it.  Whatever ” it ” may be…

I’m excited about having discussion with you on this subject!  Come find me on Facebook!

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Holiday Stress? Time for Self Care

The season is upon us!  Are you singing

“fa la la la la” or “bah humbug?”

are you burnt out?

are you burnt out?

Holidays are supposed to be joyful and happy however sometime the hustle and bustle is too much and we find ourselves stressed out and exhausted!

Now is a perfect time to implement self care.  Self care is highly over looked and completely under-rated in our busy society.  Sometimes it’s even looked at as being selfish……It is not selfish.  It is essential.  We are human, we need good food, and plenty of water and plenty of rest.  Unless you want to end up feeling “burnt out”, self care is important.


We have examples in the Bible that display self care.  Jesus practiced self care and urged his apostles to as well:  Mark 6:30-31 The apostles then rendezvoused with Jesus and reported on all that they had done and taught. Jesus said, “Come off by yourselves; let’s take a break and get a little rest.” For there was constant coming and going. They didn’t even have time to eat. Matthew 14:22-23 As soon as the meal was finished, he insisted that the disciples get in the boat and go on ahead to the other side while he dismissed the people. With the crowd dispersed, he climbed the mountain so he could be by himself and pray. He stayed there alone, late into the night.

How do you practice self care?  

Here is a list of my favorite ways to take care of myself:

  • Epsom Salt baths
  • Vitamins/Minerals/Supplements (Nutri-Calm, Anxiousless)
  • water water and more water……drink plenty of water each day.
  • 5-15 minutes of meditation
  • 3-5 minutes of deep breathing
  • yoga
  • massage
  • coffee with a friend
  • read a book or watch a movie

L&J (67) - Version 2This is just a list ideas.  Self Care literally just means taking care of yourself. Doing something just for you.  Something you enjoy…anything.. or nothing! If doing nothing for a few minutes makes you happy, then that is self care!  Don’t over think it, don’t judge what self care is for you…just do something for at least a few minutes each day that is specifically for yourself.

Self care is important for stress management.  Relaxing a few minutes each day can enhance feelings of well-being.  And when you take time to take care of yourself, you will find that you are more equipped to take care of others.

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It’s ok to have a bad day!

OK, so I’m having a “bad day”!

Today is a perfect opportunity to let you know that I personally understand limiting beliefs and I use the tools that I teach you in my free 5 part video series entitled “What are you thinking?!”

Here’s what’s going on for me right now…

My hubby and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary.  We took a week off to have a vacation and enjoy spending a few days with each other.  We didn’t have much of an agenda other than where we were staying, a plan to catch a movie at some point, and ending our vacation with a weekend get-away with our kids. What we didn’t plan on was: the extreme weather, our refrigerator going out, my son’s pick up leaking oil, and then our kids sliding on ice in our little car and completely crunching in the back tire and making it un-driveable.

In the past I would have probably had a complete melt down that would look something like this:  feeling like everything was out of control and “nothing ever goes right” and how are we going to pay for fixing everything, and how bad is this going to effect our budget, and well, great, everything just sucks, and of course this would happen on vacation and why would I think my life would ever be anything more than a struggle…………… whew….. do you get the picture?  This is when I would have spiraled into despair and been completely focused on everything that is going wrong.  This is a perfect example of an underlying limiting belief that used to tell me “life is a struggle.”  BUT by using the tools that I share with you in my video series, I stopped these self defeating thoughts before they could take hold.

I know how easy it is to slip and fall onto that slope of despair and start skidding down the path of self-defeating thoughts.  And I can also tell you that it is much easier to deal with life, when you learn to change the way you think about and react to circumstances that don’t exactly match what you had planned.

As I’m writing this, I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed that our vacation didn’t necessarily go as planned, and knowing that a weekend get-away with our kids is not going to happen.  BUT the good thing is: I don’t feel out of control.  I do know that it will be ok no matter what happens.  I do know that letting go of limiting beliefs is powerful.  I do know that I can teach others to also embrace this sense of “all is well” despite any storms that might arise.  The thing is, I get to choose whether I allow myself to fall into the muck of “how awful things are” or to instead take a few minutes (and a few deep breaths), and decide to know that all is well despite the circumstances of this moment.

I hope this post is helpful for you.  I want people to know that I am driven to be a life coach because I understand that many people struggle with self defeating thoughts.  I understand what being in that struggle looks like and I also know what it looks like when you learn to control those thoughts.  Let me know if you have questions about this post or if you are interested in coaching!

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What is meditation?

What is meditation?  Let’s talk about that today…

As I was scrolling through Facebook today I saw this post, and immediately thought “if only more people could understand that Meditation is not un-Godly!”


The quote and picture above is from Joyce Meyer Ministries Facebook page.

So let’s just take a minute and really think about what meditation is.  If you look up meditate in the dictionary it says:

verb (used without object), meditated, meditating.
1. to engage in thought or contemplation; reflect.
2. to engage in transcendental meditation, devout religious contemplation, or quiescent spiritual introspection.

So if meditating means to “engage in thought or contemplation/engage in devout religious contemplation”….and those thoughts are about the Bible, or God’s word then how does that make mediation bad?

If we look up prayer in the same dictionary it says:

1.a devout petition to God or an object of worship.
2.a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession.
3.the act or practice of praying to God or an object of worship.

So to me it sounds like prayer is petitioning God, and meditation is simply contemplating or reflecting on or about God.  It would seem that meditation is spending time with God without an agenda… huh…. sounds like a good plan to me!

In this video I am coming to honestly and naturally, to show you how I meditate.  As I wake up I come downstairs into my kitchen and pour myself a cup of coffee, and then I spend a few minutes in quiet mediation.  Sometime I simply hold my Bible; sometimes I look up scripture online and meditate on what I find; and sometimes I just sit quietly in a state of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Now let’s look at the real Authority on meditation:

  • Psalm 19:14 May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart
 be pleasing in your sight,
 Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
  • Psalm 119:15 I meditate on your precepts
 and consider your ways.
  • Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. (could “think about these things also mean reflect on these things, meditate on these things?)
  • Psalm 104:34 May my meditation be pleasing to him, for I rejoice in the Lord.
  • Isaiah 26:3 You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. (could your mind being stayed on you also mean engaging your thoughts on the Lord?)

I think people get hung up on the word meditation and automatically associate it with something scary or “New Age” (which that whole term gets me all riled up, but that is a completely different post!)

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Beginning Affirmations

Creating affirmations can seem hard at first. The purpose in the affirmation is to replace the negative thought with a positive statement.  Practice creating your own affirmations for your personal situation.  Below is a list that you can get started with!

Choose any number of these daily affirmations

  • I am grateful I am alive
  • I am loved
  • I am honoring myself and choosing to be feel good
  • I am a child of God
  • I am experiencing energy and vitality
  • I am abundant
  • I am successful
  • I am safe
  • I am supported
  • I love and approve of myself
  • I trust myself
  • I forgive myself
  • I am creating more of what I want effortlessly
  • I have boundless positive energy within me
  • I am focused on a debt free lifestyle
  • I have something special to offer the world
  • My body is strong and healthy
  • I am happy and joyful
  • I am worth time and energy
  • I am worth investing in
  • I am worthy of love
  • I am smart
  • I am important

Don’t wait until you “feel good” about yourself

to start thinking good thoughts about yourself!

Start Now!

What is a Bio-Feedback scan?

What is a Bio-Feedback Scan?

Bio-Feedback communication is the exchange of information between my computer and your body; it’s like the computer is asking questions and your body is answering them.betterway to choose pic

ZYTO, THE GLOBAL LEADER IN BIOCOMMUNICATION, is a technology company that produces health related software and equipment to facilitate decision making about healthcare and wellness. ZYTO technology is based on the body’s ability to respond to subtle stimuli.

Here’s how it works:  ZYTO technology sends your body an energetic pulse or signature called a Virtual Stimulus Item (VSI). VSIs are representative of physical items including nutritional supplements, drugs, body functions, and organs. As each VSI is sent, your body’s response is measured and recorded. The way your body responds is energetic; it’s called galvanic skin response or GSR. ZYTO measures complex GSR patterns and determines shifts in your energetic posture. These shifts, either negative or positive, identify what are called your biological preferences. This information is used to make better decisions about your health.



Simply place your hand on the cradle for 3-5 minutes for a basic scan and your body will provide readings that are analyzed, ranked and recorded and then presented to you in an easy to read report

and then contact me for an appointment!

compass adv

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****ZYTO scans do not diagnose or recommend treatments, they simply provide information that should be considered by a qualified healthcare professional in determining a course of action.