Faith and Trust

Faith and Trust…. two words that can really suck if you’re not ready to hear them! Sometimes, those words can almost make you mad! When someone says “just have Faith and Trust that everything will work out”, does it ever just irritate you? Be honest!

Until you can settle into how those words actually FEEL, they can be frustrating.  You may  be thinking “you have NO idea what I have been through”, “of course YOU would say have faith and trust, YOU have….fill in the blank (plenty of money, or the perfect job, or a good husband, or easy kids, or you don’t have to work)”, or “you don’t know how hard my life is.”

Does any of that sound familiar?

So how do we get past the feelings of desperation, feeling like life is hard, feeling like no one else gets it?

  • First, you have to decide you want to change those feelings.
  • Second , you have to decide to take responsibility for where you are now.  (yes circumstances beyond your control may have gotten you here, but if you decide to take responsibility for where you are right now, you’ll have the upper hand.)  This step is just basically recognizing where you are and that you’re ready to change it.
  • Third, forgive whoever you are blaming for why things are “so bad” (this isn’t saying that what they did is ok, it’s simply deciding that you no longer want to waste energy holding on to remembering what they did to you.  Forgiveness is all about freeing yourself.)
  • Next have gratitude for the things in your life that are good!   The more you can focus on the good the better things will get.
  • Remember that God loves you and wants good things for you.  When you operate from this place of knowing, faith and trust gets a little easier.
  • Last decide that you will think differently moving forward.

Faith simply means having confidence in something.  Trust means having confident expectations.  So in order to feel those feelings you may have to change the way you think about things.  Sometimes negative thinking is just a bad habit….You just need to break the habit.  Next time you start thinking that things aren’t going well, instead of allowing yourself to fall into the trap of negative thinking, decide instead to think about the good things.  Refocus. Realize that even if the situation sucks…overall things really aren’t so bad.

Practice feeling faith and trust.

Once you know how it feels to be IN faith and trust, go there as often as you can.  It feels: safe, peaceful, comforting, warm, home, encouraging, strong, healthy, love, confident.  Take a few minutes each day to feel those secure feelings.  And then if things get overwhelming retreat to somewhere private (if you have to go find a bathroom and lock the door!) and take a few minutes to breath and remember the things that are good.  Start thinking of things you are grateful for…bask in those feelings for awhile and then reset and be ready to face the situation working from a place of faith and trust.

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