How long until I feel better on AIP

I’m sitting here wondering “How long until I feel better on AIP diet” …I’ve been following it almost exactly for about a week and I’m just feeling a little off.  I feel like I need comfort food

 (Almost meaning I just can’t give up coffee! I don’t wanna!  I actually muscle tested and got that I’m ok to have coffee anyway! LOL but other than that I am following this 100% ) 

So this recipe totally hit the spot for me. It is comfort food for sure…I actually had left overs last night.  You can find the base recipe on Pinterest. Of course I never really follow a recipe completely so I tweaked it a little from the recipe I found! 😉 


Also I ended up making peaches and blueberries with coconut cream for dessert the other night…I put all the extra into a blender and made it into ice cream! SO that’s a yummy treat too, but that is kind of besides the point when it comes to this post….

I am going to be honest. I don’t feel that great~ I’m honestly thinking “how long until I feel better on AIP?”

I’m not going to give up, but I am NOT having the same results as my friend did. She was feeling great within a week!  Springing up on her feet in the morning, being more flexible than she had in along time and her normal pain level was dramatically less…….UGH.  I’M NOT having the same results.  To be honest I don’t feel all that different, except that I have noticed my blood sugar has seemed low.  Yesterday I was pretty loopy feeling, tripped a couple of times on nothing, felt a little headachy but mostly just tired.  I did drink some Orange Juice last night which perked me up a little.

I do know this is the right diet for me to try (I’ve muscle tested it) BUT it’s not going easy. Because I’m noticing that my blood sugar has been too low, I’m going to have to be more aware of how often and what combinations I’m eating.

’til next time~

I have done some research and have found some great articles.  I am learning that Paleo and AIP are very similar.

Functional Health Blog

Also you can find a refreshing recipe for Mint Parsley “tea” Here:

The Power of Parsley!

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