How many of you are awesome at MUTLITASKING?????  Most of us would claim to be, especially if we are women.  However, ” multi-tasking “is just a trap!  It is a trap that keeps us disconnected and frustrated and distracted…….

I know most of us want to be Superwoman!  And you can be!! BUT you’ll have to learn to do things differently if you want to have the strength and energy that Superwoman does.  You don’t see her trying to cook, clean and save the world all at the same time.  She has to switch roles sometimes, right?  LOL


What I am going to tell you next seems counterproductive to most of us at this point.  We are so used to multitasking and technology makes it easy to do having a phone with emails, Facebook messages, pins, snapchats, texts, voice mails…there is so much to do!  But if you really want to be productive and learn to be less stressed out with life in general, you have to manage it.  As with the picture in this post, she is about to strangle herself by trying to do everything at once.  I really do think this is an accurate picture for a lot of us.

Are you strangling the life out of yourself by spreading yourself too thin by multitasking?

I encourage you today to take 10 minutes to meditate…..then sit for a few minutes and intentionally decide what projects/ chores/ work / etc that you really need to do today.  Make a list of projects and decide which are most important for right now, today.

Now here’s the kicker…….as you go through your day and your list only use your phone as a timer!!!  Allow yourself X minutes to check your phone for messages texts etc, then set a timer and put your phone on a counter AWAY from where you are working so that you won’t be tempted to check it!! LOL  Then set a timer for email, Facebook, etc.  Set “X” (15-25-30 whatever you choose) minutes for each task… Set your timer and really commit to the task you are working on during that allotted time.  DO NOT CHECK EMAILS OR YOUR PHONE WHILE WORKING ON THE TASK AT HAND!!!  Also allow yourself about 5 minutes each hour to stand up and stretch, do some deep breathing and then get back to whatever task you are working on.

I think you’ll be surprised at how much smoother your day will go.  Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Till next time,

Jennifer, Small Town Lady

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