Peace in the Eye of the Storm

I was just talking with someone who said she feels like there is chaos all around her.  It made me think of that moment in Twister (the late 90’s movie about tornadoes) when the tornado passes over and for a brief minute everything gets still and quiet.  …it donned on me that many of us feel like life is that way… all around us is a storm that causes chaos and we’re just trying to survive it all and not bump into too many things!  So how do we find peace in the midst of all of the chaos?  They say peace is in the eye of the storm.  That is where it is the most calm.

This all ties in with how I help people.  How do you reach your goals when life is still happening all around you?  It’s about setting goals, finding focus and and then taking action steps to reach those goals.

One of the first steps to reaching your goals is finding “peace in the eye of the storm”.  I start my mentorship programs with breathing, self care and affirmations.  The reason I do this, is you will never reach your goals if you aren’t spending some energy focusing on taking care of yourself and finding at least a few minutes of calm each day!

I encourage you to take 3-5 minutes each day simply working on breathing and being calm.  When you are comfortable with deep breathing add an element of meditation or prayer, and then work your way up to 1o minutes and then 15 and then eventually as long as you’d like!  I like 20-30 minutes personally.  This way you’re spending enough time to actually find a state of calm, while not feeling like you are totally ignoring your responsibilities.

Until you take the time to find a few minutes of making self care priority and finding “peace in the eye of the storm,” I promise you’ll have a heck of a time finding the level of contentment that you long for.

I want people to live life instead of survive it.

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