Let Your Light Shine

Isn’t it time you shine your light?
Throughout my life, I’ve seen how most people hide from the spotlight, shy away from praise and deny their gifts and talents.

Is this you?

Can you imagine what your life would hold if you were comfortable shining your light, and living in your brilliance?

How would your life be different?

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Compliments and Blessings

Have you seen the picture of Jesus with a BIG Teddy Bear behind his back and asking the little girl to trade for her little tiny teddy bear?  I donned on me today how real that scenario really is and how we block our abundance and joy in other was as well….Like accepting compliments and blessings….

How are you at taking a compliment?  

I used to always deny compliments…..someone would say “oh I love that top!” and I would downgrade it and say ” oh, yeah it’s nothing fancy…I probably got it at Walmart.”  Or jewelry..(oh how I LOVE sparkle LOL)… someone might say “That ring is beautiful” and I would respond with “Oh it’s not real.”  It was like I rejected any compliment that I was given.

I realize now that we sometimes do that with blessings as well.  We pray and ask God to bless us with something (enough money for a vehicle that is reliable, a new friend, a new job, or just to feel more love) and God sends it (your mom offers to loan you the down pmt for a new vehicle, you meet someone in the grocery store line, an acquaintance mentions their company is hiring, your kids want to snuggle on the couch) and you reject it without knowing it (turning down the loan because you couldn’t possibly borrow from your family, not following up with the person you met in the store, thinking you aren’t qualified for that job so why bother to apply, and you just have to clean the house, the kids will have to snuggle later.)

Do you accept blessings?

I understand ALL of the scenarios I’ve listed because I’ve been there!  We don’t realize that God and His Angels are here just waiting to help us.  And the way our society has ingrained in us what we SHOULD do….you should have your own money, you should have the correct qualifications for the job, you should keep a perfectly clean house… you should you should you should…. right??

Are you blocking joy and abundance

by not accepting compliments and blessings?

I encourage you to really be aware of things and start following your gut instinct.  Our head will talk us out of many amazing things if we let it.  Take the wanting a new friend for example…. You meet her in the line at the grocery store and you think “wow, she would be fun to have coffee with and visit longer” you could just say “you know I’d love to grab a coffee sometime could I get your number?” She may be the friend you’ve been praying for….BUT if you listen to your head it might sound something like this “Oh my goodness she will think I am crazy if I ask her to go to coffee… I don’t want her to think I’m being forward….She probably doesn’t have time anyway….” and the limiting (blocking) thinking could go on and on.

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Till next time,



look up Matthew 7:7, Psalm 37:4, Isaiah 30:19

It’s ok to have a bad day!

OK, so I’m having a “bad day”!

Today is a perfect opportunity to let you know that I personally understand limiting beliefs and I use the tools that I teach you in my free 5 part video series entitled “What are you thinking?!”

Here’s what’s going on for me right now…

My hubby and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary.  We took a week off to have a vacation and enjoy spending a few days with each other.  We didn’t have much of an agenda other than where we were staying, a plan to catch a movie at some point, and ending our vacation with a weekend get-away with our kids. What we didn’t plan on was: the extreme weather, our refrigerator going out, my son’s pick up leaking oil, and then our kids sliding on ice in our little car and completely crunching in the back tire and making it un-driveable.

In the past I would have probably had a complete melt down that would look something like this:  feeling like everything was out of control and “nothing ever goes right” and how are we going to pay for fixing everything, and how bad is this going to effect our budget, and well, great, everything just sucks, and of course this would happen on vacation and why would I think my life would ever be anything more than a struggle…………… whew….. do you get the picture?  This is when I would have spiraled into despair and been completely focused on everything that is going wrong.  This is a perfect example of an underlying limiting belief that used to tell me “life is a struggle.”  BUT by using the tools that I share with you in my video series, I stopped these self defeating thoughts before they could take hold.

I know how easy it is to slip and fall onto that slope of despair and start skidding down the path of self-defeating thoughts.  And I can also tell you that it is much easier to deal with life, when you learn to change the way you think about and react to circumstances that don’t exactly match what you had planned.

As I’m writing this, I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed that our vacation didn’t necessarily go as planned, and knowing that a weekend get-away with our kids is not going to happen.  BUT the good thing is: I don’t feel out of control.  I do know that it will be ok no matter what happens.  I do know that letting go of limiting beliefs is powerful.  I do know that I can teach others to also embrace this sense of “all is well” despite any storms that might arise.  The thing is, I get to choose whether I allow myself to fall into the muck of “how awful things are” or to instead take a few minutes (and a few deep breaths), and decide to know that all is well despite the circumstances of this moment.

I hope this post is helpful for you.  I want people to know that I am driven to be a life coach because I understand that many people struggle with self defeating thoughts.  I understand what being in that struggle looks like and I also know what it looks like when you learn to control those thoughts.  Let me know if you have questions about this post or if you are interested in coaching!

You can sign up for the free video series entitled “What are you Thinking?!” by clicking here.

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