Below are testimonials from past and current clients:


Last May I was introduced to a new way of thinking about my health. I was at a point where I felt I was on a downhill battle. I had been on prescription medication for many years, most of which were very sedating. My body starting rejecting them, so the purpose of the drugs were almost nonexistent. I developed allergies and side effects that interrupted my everyday life. My immune system was compromised to the point of having pneumonia three times in a matter of 6 months. 14826270_10210636999663186_1926836864_n-200x300
After meeting a health coaching and having a bio-feedback scan, I learned the areas of my body that were weakened. I gradually weaned off prescription medications, with the support of my doctor and the supervision of my health coach. I started building on vitamin and herb supplements through Nature’s Sunshine Products to support what my body needed. Within less than a month, my family and friends noticed a huge difference in me. They said I had my “glow” back. I also went through a detox to eliminate the toxins from my system with no side effects from the withdrawal of medications.
Over a 4 month period, I have continued to improve in my health and my overall wellbeing. I highly recommend finding out what your body is suffering from and what it needs so that you can experience the revival of your best health.



“I knew what I needed to do … I just didn’t know how to do it. Releasing negative energy and thoughts is tough… How does one really let go? When I met Jennifer we connected right away and our first session was powerful. She gave me the visuals I needed and the words to push though my past and move on. I feel amazing, I feel anew, I haven’t felt this great and whole in a long time. Thank you so much for all you have done for me!! “
Your friend


Jen’s holistic approach to helping people is second to none. She understands how the physical body must be supported through the right supplements. She is then able to help dig out what is no longer serving a person emotionally and gives them a new prospective and more productive way of thinking. Personally she has supported me in many aspects of my life and I can not recommend her high enough.~ Laura


YOGA? Who me? You’re kidding right? I’m 61 years old never did a yoga class EVER. I honestly never thought I could do it. But as you get older your aches and arthritis’s and other muscular pains sometimes want to rule your body!! I say no way! That is the beauty of yoga you stretch and bend the only way YOUR body can. You will feel immediate results, I’m less stiff, more flexible, more driven to succeed. The best time to go is when you are tired or even sad, it can help you so much. I know I would not be as successful in this this class without Jennifer Lonnberg. She is patient and she personally helps you with your body limitations. She reminds you it is not a race, NO competition. And when I say that I mean she shows you how to get the best results for your body and I have found I’m getting more limber and most of all more confident. I have IMPROVED if I do say so myself!!! I may not bend like everyone else YET but with Jennifer you will not want to miss a class. She is a God send to me. Her skill level is amazing! HER PASSION, Her Personal Drive to help all of us find OUR good health is Awe Inspiring. I want to feel better, to age the best I can. Try it and expect the unexpected!!!. No competition! Just You and your connection with your whole body and soul, God Bless you Beautiful Jenn!! How can I Thank You!!! ~ JoAnn